Thailand Flood Damage Assistance

Following the historic flooding in Thailand, many businesses and facilities have suffered damages from the flood waters. Numerous others have sustained extensive business interruption losses as a result of physical damage to the properties of their customers and/or suppliers.

After a flood of this proportion, the recovery process can be overwhelming. Most policyholders do not have the time or the expertise to properly measure their losses and present them effectively to their insurance company and its hired adjusters and consultants. Our years of experience and knowledge put the insured on equal footing with the insurance company.

With a team of professionals based in Thailand, we will guide you through the claims process, and keep your flood damage claim moving along in a timely manner to help you secure a full and fair financial settlement. We are by your side to:

  • evaluate your policy to help present the strongest possible claim to your insurance company;
  • measure and document damages to prove your loss;
  • negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company;
  • advise you of your options and keep you informed every step of the way;
  • settle your claim successfully; and
  • free you to focus on your business’ recovery.

Adjusters International has years of experience in assisting clients with property damage and business income claims. You can count on us to help you achieve the full settlement that you are entitled to from your flood damage claim. Contact us today and get on the road to financial recovery.

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