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Residential-Homeowners-Insurance-Claim-Flood-Damage-Adjusters-InternationalDid you know that floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States? Even a 4-inch flood can cause an estimated $30,000 in damages to an average home of 2,000 sq. ft. If you have experienced a flood, then you know the physical damages pale in comparison to the stress and hassle of trying to handle your insurance claim, recover your home all while juggling your life, job, family, and other responsibilities.

To make things worse, even if you’ve experienced other types of insurance claims in the past, they don’t prepare you for the demands of a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claim, which is what you most likely will be filing since typical homeowners policies exclude flood damages. NFIP timeframes and coverages are different than those in a standard insurance policy, and adjusters receive specialized training to adjust NFIP claims.

If you are dealing with a flood loss, you will want to have a clear recovery strategy from the beginning and to make sure you thoroughly understand your NFIP policy, what is and is not covered, and how to present your story to the insurance company in a way that supports your claim. Believe it or not, the words you use to describe your loss can have a significant impact on your outcome. The insurance company adjuster will be interpreting everything you say through their own filter, and if you don’t understand what things mean in “insurance lingo,” you can lose money for yourself without even realizing it.

Our public adjusters help you get what you’re entitled to by:

  • Residential-Homeowners-Insurance-Claim-Flood-DamagesReviewing your policy and developing the best approach to presenting your specific claim so you optimize your insurance coverages;
  • Measuring your damages, bringing in contents specialists and building estimators to do the hard work for you;
  • Ensuring that the required Proof of Loss statement is properly completed and submitted on time;
  • Acting as your advocate in negotiating with the insurance company, making sure you get everything you’re entitled to;
  • Keeping you informed at every stage of the process;
  • Helping you achieve a successful claim settlement; and
  • Most important of all, freeing you from the stress and hassle of managing your flood insurance claim so you can get back to your life and what’s truly important.

Public adjusters work exclusively for you – the policyholder – never for the insurance company.

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As soon as we engaged your company, you were able to cut through the bureaucracy and reach the key decision makers. You kept us informed of each twist and turn of your investigation. Within months of your engagement, we had our check in hand. We felt comforted and confident that our situation was given the prompt attention that was needed. I would recommend your services to any in this situation.

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