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Patrick W. Bickford, SPPA
Golden, Colorado

President & CEO of AI-Colorado, Inc., a Founder and Director of AI, and a public adjuster with more than 35 years of experience in commercial & government property loss adjustment.


Jim Beneke, SPPA
Austin, Texas

A founding member of Adjusters International and third-generation public adjuster with 36 years of experience, primarily in commercial & multi-family property insurance claims.


Luis Esteves
Dallas, Texas

Regional Director with 20 years of experience beginning in the construction industry and currently as a public adjuster.


Bruce Kabat
Golden, Colorado

Chief Operating Officer of AI-Colorado, Inc. with more than 12 years of experience as a public adjuster.




How to Prepare for Tornado-Related Insurance Claims

You may know how to prepare for tornadoes but do you know how to prepare for tornado-related insurance claims? April showers bring May tornadoes? Tornado season has arrived. ...

TornadoYou may know how to prepare for tornadoes but do you know how to prepare for tornado-related insurance claims?

April showers bring May tornadoes? Tornado season has arrived. According to 2014 statistics from NOAA’s National Weather Service there were 20 tornadoes in March, 129 in April and 130 in May.

For most families, having a plan to get to safety is the main priority during this dangerous season and with good reason as many of these storms also end in tragedy. But once your family has created an evacuation plan (Ready.gov has excellent tools to help with this), and prepared for all of the safety and health issues that may arise, then it’s time to start thinking about protecting your property.

Tornadoes can be extremely costly as far as insurance claims go. “In 2013 insured losses from U.S. tornadoes/thunderstorms totaled $10.3 billion, down from $15 billion in 2012,” according to the Insurance Information Institute. How can homeowners ensure that they will be covered if a tornado touches down? And what should do if their property is damaged?

“Strong heavy winds and tornadoes can cause considerable damage even to the most well-constructed buildings. The fact is that many structures will not survive this type of storm and the owners will need to repair or rebuild what is left,” said Carl Gross, Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and Shareholder of Globe Midwest/Adjusters International, which is based in Southfield, Michigan.

Gross notes that the time immediately following extreme property damage is always very stressful for families so he advises them to do as much pre-event preparation as possible including the following:

-       Take photos of each room in your house and upload them to a cloud server that won’t be damaged in the event of extreme weather

-       Make sure that you have copies of your insurance policies scanned and saved online or paper copies stored in water and fireproof containers

-       Check with your insurance agent to confirm that your policy includes tornado coverage and that you fully understand any exclusions for flooding, water damage, etc.

-       Have enough money saved to cover your deductible and other emergency expenses that may arise such as hotel rooms, dining and travel (many of which may be reimbursed later by your insurance carrier)

After a property loss occurs, homeowners will need to work through a complicated insurance claims process in order to get their properties repaired or rebuilt. Bruce Kabat, Chief Operating Officer of Adjusters International Colorado, says that due to the multiple causes of property damage involved with tornadoes – for example, high winds, hail and flooding almost always accompany these storms – filing claims can be incredibly challenging for most policyholders to handle on their own. Hiring an expert to guide them through the process can make the process much more manageable.

“Public adjusters are insurance experts who are trained in how to spot and document not just the obvious damage from the winds, but the more subtle damage caused by hail, to fully validate the true extent of your loss. From the initial appraisal to the final negotiations, our adjusters will manage the entire claims process, to help you secure a full and fair settlement,” said Kabat.

Kabat also offers the following tips to homeowners whose property is damaged by tornadoes:

-       Heed all safety warnings by your local law enforcement officials as safety should always be your first priority

-       Call your insurance carrier right away to begin the claims process since they will likely be inundated with calls immediately after the storm

-       Save all receipts for expenses related to the weather event as these may be reimbursable under your policy

-       Take pictures of all damaged property if it is safe to do so

-       Understand your duty per the policy to protect your property from further damage — this could include tarping portions of your structure, and moving personal property away from the loss site to a secure location

-       Hire a public adjuster at the beginning of the process in order to make it as easy on you as possible

“We always hope that tornadoes will not affect our family members, friends and neighbors but unfortunately, these violent storms can be very unpredictable and destructive,” said Gross. “Our experts are here to guide you through your tornado insurance claim so please don’t feel that you need to take this on alone.”

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How is a Basketball Tournament like an Insurance Claim?

With this year’s college basketball tournament narrowing the field to sixteen teams, many fans have already thrown out their brackets… as their colleagues gain bragging rights for their ...

basketball tournament bracketWith this year’s college basketball tournament narrowing the field to sixteen teams, many fans have already thrown out their brackets… as their colleagues gain bragging rights for their superior performance in the office pool. What does a public adjusting firm know about basketball tournaments? Well, other than having fun watching these tightly contested games, we also know that this tournament is an awful lot like our profession — featuring highly trained specialists who work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for their teams. How else is public insurance adjusting like the finals in college basketball? Here are our thoughts on the matter:

  • Most enjoy rooting for the underdog – When it comes to predicting the winners, it is wise to pick a certain amount of lower ranked teams to advance past the favorites. In property insurance claims, the policyholder may feel like David when dealing with Goliath insurance companies. When the insured adds a skilled public adjuster to their team, the odds for success are now back in their court.
  • Preparation yields more wins – Over the course of the tournament, we all know that the Cinderella story may arise at any time. The smaller school can beat the favored school or the favored team might do as predicted and win. Having an advocate on your side from the beginning of your claim to assist with the preparations of your damages is a wise move. When filing insurance claims, policyholders who bring public adjusters on board usually enjoy better results at the end in terms of obtaining optimal settlements.
  • Putting the wrong players out first can ruin the game – If coaches make a bad call and start by putting the wrong athletes out on the court, it can hurt their chances of gaining momentum and winning the game. When property loss occurs, many decisions are being made in the early stages of your claim. It’s important to know who’s who in the process. Do you have representation that is truly working with your best interest in mind? Is there a conflict if many of the individuals are working for you and the carrier? If home or business owners rely on the wrong players to handle their recovery, their claim may be mishandled making it more of a challenge to get your claim moving in the right direction.
  • Teamwork leads to results – If basketball teams want to win the tournament, they need the most talented players and coaches. Those in the game must know their role and play together with a common goal. A strong claim consulting team regularly works in concert with one another as well. If policyholders want to get everything they’re owed under their policies, then hiring a reputable public adjusting firm, and all of their expert resources, will ensure that their claim is heading to a successful recovery!

While we hope that everyone enjoys the excitement of March basketball, we also hope that they will make the right call when dealing with a property loss by hiring a public adjuster.

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